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1952 Olympic card, "VEB Volkskunstverlag Reichenbach."  Card size 3 1/8" x 2 1/4".  

Marjorie Jackson, #30 (Australian) - Jackson won two Olympic Golds in 1952 in 100m and 200m races set six world records respectively.  She won every Australian title from 1950-1954. After her athletic career she became Governor of south Australia in 2001 until 2007.  

Bertha Brouwer, #131 (Netherlands) - Won Silver in 1952.

Nadeshda Chnikina-Dwalishwili, #476 - She won two Olympic Bronze medals in the 1952 games (200m) and 9n 1956 (long jump).

Marjorie Jackson, Bertha Brouwer, Nadeshda Chnikin

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