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Message from the Owner:


On Her Mark, get set, go!  My deep passion for women's sports and  visual images inspired On Her Mark. Pictures are powerful and inspirational. A picture might say 1,000 words but if you know the history, the story is much richer.


In 1994 I completed a Masters thesis about the representation of women's sports in newspapers. It was around that time that I found my first vintage women's trading card. Bubbles of excitement rushed through my body and I knew I was onto something special, I just didn't know what.


Over the past two decades, I have acquired one of the largest collections of vintage women's sports cards in the world. The collection ranges from the1850s to 1972 with the passage of Title IX in the US. While these cards are not the only items we offer, they are the inspiration for many of the products at On Her Mark. 


We are passionate about the representation of women in sports. We love sharing stories about women that followed their dreams even when society told them to behave differently. 


This site is a way to tell their stories through blogs, merchandise and authentic memorabilia. When we create an item, we ask ourselves:  Is it authentic?  Is it educational? Is it empowering?  This is what makes us different than your typical memorabilia site.


~ Cindy Dick











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