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"I heard a testimonial from a guy about your Instagram Page (@Giant Legends).  He found your page via one of my posts and started looking into it.  He said his wife had ZERO interest in sports cards...until she saw your page!  Now she's IN the game!  She simply didn't know a space for women existed."   
Instagram: @Peter_Packman

"On Her Mark is so much more than a store for sports collectibles! The difference is in how carefully, how passionately curated it is.  Every item has a story, a history behind it, and it is a story of women perservering, overcoming, and coming out on top. Just browsing their website can turn my day around!"
Carolyn Gage, playwright
Creator of "Babe! An Olympian Musical"

"As a father and husband who has raised three daughters, it's great to see exposure being provided to early pioneers in woman's sports. It's long overdue and I look forward to sharing this site with my daughters! This is probably the finest online resource for women's sports that I have seen to date."  

Jay Gonzalez

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