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Below are vintage, authenic cards for sale.  These cards originally came from a variety of sources, the largest being from cigarette packs or part of a redemption promotion for tobacco products or other items, such as chocolate.
Women in sports were often seen as a novelty, making it rare that female athletes were shown at all on trading cards.  Before the 1920s it was not fashionable for women to smoke, so one can only wonder why marketers included female athletes on cigarette cards. Cards were meant to be collected, and thankfully so because many were protected and have withstood the test of time. 
Cindy Dick is working on a book to show the entire collection.  It will be a resouce guide of all the cards published from the 1850s to 1972.  It will also be a book about women's sports history as seen through the lens of their own trading cards, how the cards were distributed, and a bit about the socio economic history.  If you would like to be notified when it is published, please add your name to the "Contact Us" page and note your area of interest in the message box.    
The cards below are not altered in any way, except a watermark has been added.   What you see is what you'll get.  Prices are based on a card's rarity and condition.  


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