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Meet Dot Wilkinson, the greatest female athlete in Arizona's history

Dot Wilkinson is one of those treasured living legends you're lucky to know. She lives in the Phoenix area so we sat down for lunch with her the other day. Dot was a softball catcher on a team called the Phoenix Ramblers from 1933 to 1965. The Ramblers played fast pitch and won the world championships three times in the 1940's. She played sports for 30 years, earned 19 All American awards, and is in both the softball and bowling halls of fame. Dot was invited to play on the All American Girls Baseball League in the 1940's (think League of Their Own) but declined the offer because she didn't want to leave her Ramblers.

She traveled the country and played in nearly every state and amazing places like Madison Square Gardens. Every time she left for a game, she had to quit her job and hoped there was work when she returned. At 94, she's doing great! For archival information, check out the video produced by Lynn Ames called Extra Innings.

Alba Rodriguez and Dot Wilkinson

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