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German card from the 1932 Olympics. These cards were issued as a promotion.  The buyer of the cards would adhere them to the picture in the 1932 Olympic book...much like stamp collecting today.  This photo is of Stella Walsh (Poland), Hilda Strike (Canada), Wilhelmina von Bremen (U.S.A) and titled "The fastest women in the world."  Walsh won the 100m dash, tying her world record at 11.9 seconds.  Strike won the Silver and von Bremen took home the Bronze.   Walsh's records are controversial.  After a sudden death, due to a robbery, it was determined that she also had male genitalia.  Some have challenged her records and questioned if they should be honored or overturned.  

Text is in German.  Card size: 3 3/8" x 4 15/16".  Sammelwerk ("collection") number 6, Bild (number) 73, Gruppe (group) 23.

Stella Walsh (sprinter)

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